Gerald Breber

Plumbing Inspector

As the Plumbing Inspector for the City of Waukesha, Gerald brings more than 15 years of experience in the trades. Gerald Breber came to the city in the summer of 2013. With over 19 certifications and licenses under his belt, Gerald has quickly become a valuable asset to our department and the City.

While plumbing inspections is his foremost obligation in his current role, Gerald’s responsibilities extend beyond this to include electrical and construction installations.

During his time in the trades, Gerald is investing time and resources to earn his two masters licenses for plumbing and electrical which he could achieve by the end of 2016. Born and raised in Greenfield, Wisconsin, he worked for a local electrician where he gained his apprenticeship. One of his favorite projects was working on the Moderne Building which is the tallest building in Wisconsin west of the Milwaukee River. He will be the first to admit that his ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons is a habit he has he formed and exercises regularly. As a result, it isn't hard for him to keep apprised of new developments in his field as he enjoys reviewing code and trade material.

Gerald has dedicated a large amount of time to learning code, and understanding construction and proper installation practices. He is committed to going above and beyond as he serves the City of Waukesha residents.