Park Listing

WPRF currently manages 49 parks on nearly 1,125 acres. These parks provide both active and passive recreational activities ranging from soccer and tennis, softball and swimming, to biking, hiking or quiet reflection in the formal gardens.

Park Categories/Classifications

Note the following designations/park classifications:
  • (C) Community Park (245.64 acres) - This type of park serves a broader purpose with a focus on meeting community-based recreation needs, as well as preserving unique landscapes and open spaces.
  • (G) Greenways (119.46 acres) - Effectively tie park system components together to form a continuous park environment.
  • (H) Historical Significance
  • (M) Mini-Park (6.16 acres) - This type of park is used to address limited, isolated or unique recreational needs.
  • (N) Neighborhood Park (175.57 acres) - This type of park serves as the recreational and social focus of the neighborhood. The focus is on informal active and passive recreation.
  • (NR) Natural Resource Area (473.02 acres) - Parks are categorized here that have lands set-aside for preservation of significant natural resources, remnant landscapes, open space and visual aesthetic/buffering.
  • (S) School-Park - These parks combine with school sites and can fulfill the space requirements for other classes of parks, such as neighborhood, community, sports complex and special use.
  • (SC) Sports Complex (14.50 acres) - Parks of this type typically consolidate heavily programmed athletic fields and associated facilities to larger and fewer sites strategically located throughout the community.
  • (TBD) To Be Determined (18.47 acres) - This category is for parks whose purpose has not yet been determined through a Park Master Plan.

Other Undesignated Greenspace (Undesignated)

  • This type of park category is open space that can not be categorized elsewhere due to the special nature of the area.
  • 2.37 acres

Park Resources

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