Water Quality

The members of the Upper Fox River Watershed Group (City of Waukesha, City of Pewaukee, Town of Brookfield, Town of Delafield, Town of Lisbon, Town of Waukesha, Village of Pewaukee, Village of Sussex) own and operate municipal separate storm sewer systems that discharge to waters of the state.

Discharges from the storm sewer system may consist of runoff from rain events or snow melt and fluids from spills or illicit connections. Many types of pollutants can be found in storm sewer system discharge.

As a result, the Wisconsin DNR regulates discharges from the Upper Fox River Watershed Group under the WPDES permit (pdf). The permit requirements are intended to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of waters of the state through pollution prevention and storm water management of urban runoff.

In an effort to communicate to the public what efforts are on-going to improve the storm water quality, the City prepares a Storm Water Report to the DNR (pdf).