Tax Information

  1. Tax Payment Methods

    There are several ways to pay taxes in the City of Waukesha.

  2. Appeals to the Board of Review

    If you feel your assessment is not correct, you can appeal your assessment to the Board of Review.

  3. Determining Property Taxes

    Property taxes are determined early in December of each year based on the levies of 5 independent taxing units.

  4. Find Property Tax Information

    Use our parcel inquiry search function to find your property tax information.

  5. 2016 Property Tax Amounts

    Browse a list of the 2016 Real Estate Property Tax amounts.

  6. Frequently Asked Questions

    Peruse the most common questions asked by residents regarding property taxes and their answers.

  7. Lottery & Gaming Credit

    You are allowed a lottery credit if your property was owner occupied as of January 1st.

  8. Tax Collection Due Dates (PDF)

    Know important collection dates to make sure your taxes are paid on time.