Arcadian Avenue Reconstruction Project - 2017

Project Update: September 15, 2017



This week the contractor finished pouring the gaps in the pavement on the WB travel lane and opened this to local traffic only. Also on Thursday they poured the EB travel and parking lanes from the Eastern project limit to the Western project limit. The contractor did provide gaps in the EB travel lanes for the local businesses on the south side of Arcadian Avenue.

Next week the contractor will pour the gaps in the EB travel lane, pour the curb and gutter on the south side, begin pouring the intersection match points, and begin prepare the driveway aprons.

During this time Arcadian will be open to local traffic only. Only the WB travel lane (North side of the road) can currently be driven on. Local traffic only can access from either the East or Western project limit (near Eugene Ct. or Oakland Ave.), or at Blackstone Avenue.


Any further questions or concerns you may have please contact me.


Craig Ausen, P.E.

Project Engineer

City of Waukesha – Engineering Division

130 Delafield St. Waukesha, WI 53188

O: 262-524-3589

C: 262-349-6516

Below is some information regarding switching the road reconstruction from Prairie Ave to Arcadian Ave.

Due to potentially re-aligning N. Prairie Avenue between the railroad tracks and St. Paul Ave, the planned 2017 reconstruction project is being delayed. It is planned to substitute the reconstruction with Arcadian Avenue.

The Arcadian Avenue project limits are from 250’ west of Eugene Ct. to east of N. Greenfield Ave.

The Arcadian Avenue project will involve a complete road reconstruction including replacement of pavement, curbs, approaches and handicap ramps. The utility upgrades include relaying portions of the water main and sanitary sewer and rehabilitating the storm sewer.   

The project is anticipated to start in early May and be complete by the end of October.  During construction, the road will be closed to through traffic. Access will be maintained to driveways for residents & businesses within the construction limits until the concrete pavement is placed. When the concrete pavement is placed, residents will lose access to driveways until the curb and approaches have been placed and cured.       

A letter to the residents along Arcadian has been sent out to let them know the project is occurring. The DPW’s construction map will also be updated on the website with this change.