Saratoga Complex LED Lighting Upgrade

Project Update Sept 8,  2017




The Contractor did turn the new lighting on last week. There were four lights that did not turn on and two lights that have visors that need adjustment. The four lights that do not work appear to have issues with their electronic drivers. The Contractor has checked proper voltage, fuses, and breakers, finding no problems. The two visors need only minor field adjustments. The Contractor will be communicating these issues with Musco. Musco has already begun the process of getting all the needed technicians and engineers out on site for any trouble shooting, replacement parts, and aiming of the new fixtures. I do not have an exact date, but expect one soon. Since there are some issues with the new lights, the old lights will remain for now. The Contractor will be completing asphalt patching this week.



 Project Contact Information:

Katie Jelacic, P.E.


Melissa Philipps

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