Saratoga Complex LED Lighting Upgrade

Project Update July 21,  2017




The Contractor has nearly all termination complete. He was unable to have it completed this week and will have to finish next week. This terminating is at the control cabinet, this is where the controller tells which lights to operate for which field. The schedule for the replacement parts is still the first week of August, we have been keeping in contact with the manufacturer to verify that this is still on schedule. The Contractor has started with site clean-up, this includes the construction debris, piles of spoils, and rough grading. The Contractor is scheduled to have the site clean-up finished next week Monday. After that we have termination to be completed, removals of the existing poles, asphalt patching, and placement of the last new pole once the replacement fixtures arrive.






 Project Contact Information:

Katie Jelacic, P.E.


Melissa Philipps

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