Mike Mazmanian

Mike Mazmanian became the Chief Building Inspector for the City of Waukesha in January of 2015.  In a short time his presence has been felt as positive changes have occurred.  Mike takes a pragmatic approach to his role.  He feels he is in service to facilitate the customer’s success with their projects, or assist in finding resolutions to their problems.  As the Chief Building Inspector, Mike is responsible for the oversight of all plan review, building inspections, and code enforcement inspections throughout the City of Waukesha.  

Mike comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge.  While pursuing his Bachelor of Architecture degree, he worked for a small contractor in Racine on residential and small commercial projects where his interest in building and construction developed.  After college he spent 8 years working in the architectural field in Washington DC, Chicago, Racine, and finally Milwaukee.  In 2010 Mike started working for the City of Milwaukee where he spent five years in code enforcement, special enforcement, plan exam, and construction inspection.  When he isn’t leading a team of City Inspectors, he enjoys anything outdoors including hunting, hiking, camping, and spending time with his family. 


The Building Inspection Division has an extremely broad scope of responsibilities.  Mike smiles and says, “We inspect everything from the shiny new buildings to the houses filled with Chinchillas,” and continues by saying that, “While our primary responsibility is determining compliance with applicable codes and ordinances.  Being able to interact and effectively communicate with a diverse community and field of professionals is an extremely important part of what we do.  Having a dedicated team of knowledgeable inspectors makes my job much easier.”

Mike feels that Waukesha has been a nice change of pace coming from the City of Milwaukee.  He enjoys the daily interaction with customers and coworkers that are passionate about making sure the community is a healthy and thriving place to live work and play.  “Mike has been a key addition to our Community Development team,” says Jennifer Andrews, Director of Community Development.  “He leads by example providing a high level of customer service to the design professionals, contractors, and citizens he interacts with, while maintaining compliance to the codes we work under.”